Quotation Mark

“Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.” —Albert Schweitzer


The Schweitzer Fellowship is open to all graduate and professional degree students at any academic institution in the Tulsa area. If you have any questions as you complete the form, please contact the Fellowship Director. We look forward to receiving your application.

Applications for the next cohort will be available on this webpage on November 1.

Applicant's Personal Information and Education

Will you be enrolled in a degree-granting program through April 2021?
What year in your degree program will you be during the 2020–2021 academic year?
When is your expected graduation date?
Fellows are expected to participate in all Fellowship activities through the year (April 2020 – April 2021). This includes attendance at the overnight orientation retreat (April 17-18, 2020), one day mid-year Retreat (Sept or Oct, date TBD) and monthly meetings. Will you have significant academic, clinical or other responsibilities during the Fellowship year that will impact your ability to participate in the Fellowship? If yes, please explain.

Project Information

The Schweitzer Fellowship experience is centered around each Fellow’s Schweitzer project. Schweitzer projects are 200 hours and provide a direct service to an underserved population. The project must fill an unmet need in the community and improve participants’ quality of life. Projects are housed at a local community agency, clinic, school or non-profit organization.
(Suggested word count 150)
Include the following: project goals, possible activities to meet these goals and intended outcomes you hope to see for the participants. If you are proposing to continue an existing program, please briefly describe how you might expand or build upon it.
(Suggested word count 400)
(Suggested word count 200)
Examples may include community-based evidence, pointing to conversations you have had with leaders and members of the community; practice-based evidence, pointing to a similar model in another location; and/or research-based evidence, pointing to scientific literature demonstrating the effectiveness of your proposed approach.
(Suggested word count 400)
For example, Fellows have often conducted baseline and follow-up surveys, provided journals to participants to record progress with individual goals, held periodic discussions with participants, or identified other ways to gauge how well community members were able to make and sustain healthy changes as a result of the project.
(Suggested word count 200)
For example, if you plan to meet weekly with your target population throughout the year, how many meetings would be required to fulfill direct service requirement? Be sure you have given some thought to the logistical aspects of this part of your project.

Personal & Professional Information

(Suggested word count 200)
(Suggested word count 800)
Example: Elizabeth Salisbury, Rush University College of Medicine. Elizabeth proposes to develop and launch prenatal classes for pregnant teens at the Infant Welfare Society. The goal of the project is for participants to develop a birth plan and to build a social network they will turn to for emotional support during the first year after their babies are born.
This individual must hold a faculty position in your program of study and be willing to support you through the Fellowship experience, if you are selected. Please list name, title, email and phone. Describe your relationship to the proposed faculty mentor.
This individual must hold a leadership role at your proposed community site. Please list name, role, email and phone. Describe your relationship to the proposed community site mentor.
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Please upload your resumes in PDF format.
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Commitment to the Fellowship

If selected to serve as a Schweitzer Fellow, I/we will commit to the following:

  • a) perform at least 200 hours of service;

  • b) attend an overnight Orientation Retreat (April 17-18, 2020);

  • c) attend a one day mid-year Retreat (Sept or Oct, date TBD);

  • d) attend monthly Fellowship meetings;

  • e) present at the Celebration of Service in April 2021.